Economic calendar

It is impossible to be constantly informed of the economic situation around the world without a specific instrument called the economic calendar. Professional traders utilize this calendar daily, as it can quickly and easily aggregate information from multiple news and financial sources.

The economic calendar shows scheduled news events from major news agencies chronologically. You can see earnings data from top world banks, values of indices, and other real-time economic events. Data and news releases are graded by impact, allowing you to see how different events may influence the market and impact the volatility of financial instruments. In the calendar, you can compare actual and forecast data as well as analyze previous data.

It is very easy to use the economic calendar. Simply set up filter parameters to begin using the calendar. All data is shown in real time, so there is no need to refresh your webpage.

The economic calendar is free to use from anywhere in the world, making this tool indispensable for hitting your financial targets.

With the economic calendar, you can:

  • See which assets are affected following high-impact news
  • View historical data
  • Forecast impact of news releases on assets
  • View actual data and results